1775 – Decisions Need to be Made 2017-02-15T20:19:34+00:00

George Washington, 1775, an address to the Continental Congress for support for the new Continental Army. The audience will be treated as “Delegates” from each of the 13 Colonies ( soon to be States on July 4,1776.

When Col. Washington was made General Washington, 1775, and given the charge to organize a Continental Army to confront the Army of King George, the “Regulars”, he was appalled at the poor disarray of the ‘Troops”. He could see that it would be many months to train and equip the troops. All of this would take money and supplies from each individual Colony. Now how do you do this with NO Federal Government in place to levy taxes and support of a National Army?

The only way was to approach the provisional Continental Congress and request each Colony’s voluntary support.

The audience will be treated as “Delegates” from each of the 13 Colonies participating. Written question will be given to those who may not know what question to ask BUT would still like to participate in the program.

Spontaneous questions are highly acceptable and IF the questions are outside of the time frame, George will appropriately redirect the question to the correct time frame.