1.     2-20-2012, Ronald Reagan Library, Presidents Day celebration KTLA Channel 5, news archives: http://www.ktla.com/videogallery/68240303/News/KTLA-The-Real-George-Washington-His-Horse-8am#gl-4, live interview at the Reagan Library,(most likely deleted from archives) PAID

2.    3-12, Azusa Pacific University, L.A. Unified School District, History Day, SAR (last 5 years)

3.     4-15-2012, Moorpark Unified School district, continuing education “Into the mind of George Washington”, at the Reagan Library with James Madison. PAID

4. 4-28-2012, State of California, State History finals in Riverside, CA http://www.pe.com/photos/photos-news/20120428-riverside-national-history-day.ece?ssimg=554964&fb_source=message#ssTop554970, picture #9 PAID

5.    5-24-2012, filming on Channel 3, program is in editing now, SELF PROMOTIONAL

6.    7-4-2012 Reagan Library, PAID

7.    8-18-2012, George Washington University, Alumni Club, Newport Beach, PAID

8.     9-12, Redlands Constitution Day, SELF PROMOTIONAL, COULD BE SAR

9,    10-20-12, First Christian Church, Torrance, CA, PAID

10.   12-12, “Courage New Hampshire”, PBS public film, cast Christmas Party, special guest. SELF PROMOTIONAL

11. 2-13, Presidents day at the Reagan Library

12. 3-13, Los Angeles Unified School District, History Day

13. 7-13, July Fourth Celebration at the Reagan Library

14. Skirball Center, Los Angeles, Ca (paid)

15. 9-13, 4400 Association, Constitution day, Redlands, Ca ( and 9-12)

16. 11-102013, “A Sacred Ceremony For America, Music and Historical Events”,  Remembering, GEORGE WASHINGTON, America’s First Veterans, Sunday, November 10, 2013,4:00 PM

Forest Lawn Memorial Park-Glendale,  The Hall of the Crucifixion~Resurrection

17. Center for Historical Research, www.historynerds.org

18.Reagan Library,2-17-14, President’s Day as George Washington

19. Los Angeles County School District, 3-1-14, History day

20. Appeared at the Reagan Library on Presidents day click here to read all about it.

21. Reagan Library, 7-4-2014, 2-2015 (President’s Day), 7-4-2015,

22. International Printing Museum, 1-16-2016, Dr. Franklin’s Birthday Celebration

23. Reagan Library, 2-15-2016, President’s Day

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