An American Colonial Experience is an educational and theatrical organization created by Roger Cooper, a “reenactor” and amateur historian of the American Colonial and Revolutionary War period. The time period, that is the focus of An American Colonial Experience, is from 1770 to 1789, the crucial and indeed dicey years from which The United States emerged as a young nation; from the break with the crown to the formation of the United States Government under the Constitution.

The drama of the cataclysmic events in this time period 232 years ago is a window on how our nation took shape in an experiment the world had never seen.

An American Colonial Experience originated to teach history through reenactments, a vehicle popular for bringing to life crucial times in our nation’s path; e-g: the Civil War as well as the Revolutionary period. An American Colonial Experience reenactments has now evolved into a more professional drama based children’s educational television series guided by and in compliance with California State Education requirements for the 5th grade; the 8th grade; and high school.

An American Colonial Experience will dramatize in an educational, informative, and entertaining manner this period in American history for the enjoyment of all.