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What was it like to live in 1770; e-g: dress, food, music, municipal government & law enforcement & justice system. What was a Tory, Whig, Rebel, Patriot? Why and how did the break from England and the revolution come about? How was the war fought from the point of view of both sides; strategy, tactics, logistics, weapons.

An American Colonial Experience introduces you to this historical presentation with a visit to Ben Franklin’s print shop in Philadelphia, where 21st Century school children have been magically transported back to the colonial/revolutionary period to meet Franklin. The children travel back in time through the vehicle of a musical instrument Franklin really invented called the Armonica.


Franklin & his young 21st Century students, now in period dress, arrive at a general store at Fort Security, a fictional outpost in Colonial America. Franklin introduces the students to a number of colonial characters who briefly describe a little about their lives as a prelude to the television series, each episode of which will concentrate on one or more of these characters and how they live and how their lives relates to the times.

The store is owned by Jacob Meyer and his family. An American Colonial Experience will follow the life of Meyer as he navigates his way through this tumultuous period of history encountering British soldiers, rebel/patriot militiamen, political and social upheaval that fractured colonial society.

An American Colonial Experience will capture the attention of viewers through this informative, academic yet colorful dramatization of American (social) History. A five minute video is available to introduce you to this educational project.